Soccer has been the 'catalyst' in your life in so many ways, so now you want to give back to the sport you love by working closely with soccer players in private lessons.  When you become a "Certified Personal Soccer Trainer"  you learn to be highly successful at developing the athleticism and skills for individual soccer players while deterring their risk of injury using the Catalyst Soccer Training Philosophies and Methods that have been proven in more than 20,000 custom training sessions since 2010.  Learn more about our prices and services.




Become A Certified Personal Soccer Trainer

The Certified Personal Soccer Trainer online course will empower you with the practical knowledge you need to be an effective soccer performance trainer and work 1 on 1 with players of any age, level, and position in various areas of development.

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Receive Affiliate Soccer Trainer Benefits

As a Catalyst Affiliated Personal Soccer Trainer you will receive the benefits of brand recognition, optimized online marketing, partnership networking, the video library, digital training resources, safety control, and discounted continued education.

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