As a Certified Personal Soccer Trainer (CPST) you will earn the trust and respect of local parents, coaches, and teams to develop their players using the proven Catalyst Soccer Training Methods. You will be effective at lowering the player’s risk of injury, enhancing the player’s athleticism, and improving the player’s technical/tactical ball skill. The online CPST course includes 12 modules broken into 5 separate sections with study materials, visual aids, and exams.

Master the CPST methods and you will be proficient at facilitating a player’s…CCT First Edition Cover

  • Athletic Development: speed, agility, plyometrics, power, fitness, reaction timing
  • Skill Advancement: first touch, dribbling, passing, 1v1, physicality, striking, vision
  • Injury Deterrence: flexibility, stability, muscle development, movement mechanics
  • Mental Conditioning: confidence, goal setting, mistake recovery, determination


Master the CPST methods and you will build your own adept skills for…

  • Communication: articulate complex details in a simple way that relates to the player’s level of game understanding
  • Versatility: adapt your teaching approach to fit the player's learning style and be well rounded in your training knowledge
  • Analyzation: identify the who, what, how, when, where, and why of program design and implementation
  • Relationships: have an open personality to bond with the player and parent as a positive role model


Why should you invest in achieving the CPST status?  The founders of the National Catalyst Alliance perfected this education program from 2010-2016 teaching a variety of Catalyst Soccer Trainers to master player development methods in more than 20,000 custom training sessions at the Catalyst Soccer Center in San Diego, CA.  Every single day these trainers actively worked with thousands of soccer players using the same exercises and applying the same philosophies you are going to learn in the CPST online curriculum.  You can trust the CPST model to mold you into a credible personal soccer trainer whether you are a seasoned coach, have played at the highest levels, have been out of the sport for awhile, or are new to player development.  Plus, the benefits you receive as an Affiliate CPST give you additional resources for continued education, a convenient online scheduling system, and marketing to help you establish a client base and professional self-employed operation.



Comparison of Certification Courses


Certified Personal

Soccer Trainer

(National Catalyst Alliance)



Exercise Specialist

(National Academy of Sports Medicine)


Strength &

Conditioning Specialist

(International Sports Sciences Association)

Online Curriculum Yes Yes Yes
Textbook Yes Yes Yes
Videos Yes NO Yes
Sport Specific Yes NO NO
Mandatory Renewal (CEU’s) Yes NO Yes
Final Exam Yes Yes Yes
Sport Skill Drills Yes NO NO
Athleticism Exercises Yes Yes Yes
Injury Deterrence/Prevention Yes NO Yes
Marketing Support to Attract Clients Yes NO NO
Schedule Management Assistance Yes NO NO


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