Almost all personal trainer certifications or coach licenses out there will give you only one tool for advancing your career - the education.  But then those organizations fail to help you succeed on the rest of the path with constant industry savvy guidance.  Not when you become a Certified Personal Soccer Trainer (CPST) affiliated with Catalyst Soccer!  We are there 100% for our Affiliate CPST's to provide you with resources for gaining clients, tips for schedule/location/price set up, knowledge for building loyal client relationships, and the credibility of the Catalyst Soccer Training brand.


NetworkingSoccer Networking

Just because you are now a CPST and working as an individual with personal training soccer clients does not mean you are suddenly a lone wolf among the wild system of club, state, and national soccer organizations. As an Affiliate CPST we offer to be your voice from a louder platform that connects you with local teams and leagues so you have a place within the larger network of soccer in the USA. Presenting at board meetings, participating in tournaments as a vendor, and attending seminars are just some of the networking opportunities Catalyst Soccer provides its affiliates in order to grow our collective influence in the realm of soccer around the country.


Brand Association

Catalyst Soccer Affiliates are permitted to use our logo and template promotional materials for marketing purposes.  When you meet a prospective client or go to a local tournament you want to make a good first impression as a professional with well designed business cards and sharp attire.  Aligning with the Catalyst Soccer brand gives you a greater appeal to players, parents, coaches, and directors in the soccer community.  When you proudly display your association with Catalyst Soccer you show others that you are a trusted and knowledgeable trainer.  Trying to accomplish this kind of reputation quickly on your own is challenging to say the least.


Community Support

A valuable benefit to being a Catalyst Soccer Affiliate CPST is having support from other affiliate trainers through our blog (coming soon), in person at fields/parks, via email/phone/video chat, interviews published in the trainer newsletter, and case study submissions. Having trouble developing a session? Not sure how to progress a player's program? Need help approaching clients? The Catalyst Soccer community is  here for you, just reach out an ask your question so we can help each other build a successful business.


Educational ResourcesTrainer Online Education

Another perk of being an Affiliate CPST is gaining access to the digital training and education portal. You can view more than 150 exercise/workout demonstrations in the video library, extensive case studies of actual player programs, and read articles that detail specific areas of focus every Catalyst Soccer trainer will eventually face.  Plus, for an additional price you can use the sports nutrition or psychology packet for yourself or with your clients, and you can also purchase the comprehensive "Exercise Encyclopedia" that details hundreds of athleticism and skills drills with visual diagrams and step by step instructions.  One of the hardest parts of being a personal soccer trainer is knowing what to do, with who, when, how, and why. So we have created these resources to help you provide your players with the best service possible.


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