Decrease Injuries.  Improve Athleticism.  Progress Skills.

The Catalyst Soccer Training Methods that effectively advance soccer players of all ages, levels and positions were mastered through more than 22,000 private training lessons at the Catalyst Soccer Center facility in San Diego, CA from 2010 to 2016. “Body control before ball control” is the core philosophy that all Catalyst Soccer Training is rooted in. It ensures that the functional development of each individual player is maximized through a lowered risk of injury, sharper athletic abilities, and proficient technical ball skills. 



Body Control Before Ball Control

1. Player's Body Control - initiates all action on the field
2. Ball Control - extension of player's body
3. Game Control - created by movement between bodies and ball

So if a player does not first have control of their body, they do not have optimal control of the ball, they won't have a fully constructive impact on the game, their individual development will stifle, and their risk of injury will increase.   Coaches, trainers and players who regularly implement the Catalyst Soccer Training Methods will see a positive influence on the overall game through this “ripple effect” approach.


Comprehensive Methods

In addition to the above core philosophy, the professional trainers at Catalyst Soccer have developed detailed yet simple supporting philosophies that fulfill all areas of an effective development program.


Quality vs Quantity: Good habits in training produce good habits on the field so it's critical to maximize excellence and get enough quality repetition to build correct instincts that produce the desired mental and physical patterns in live play.

Correct Technique: Practice it wrong and you'll perform it wrong so disciplined instruction from Catalyst trainers to do everything the right way lowers the risk for injuries, enhances athleticism, and improves soccer skills.

Complement to Team Training: The methods used in detailed Catalyst Soccer training for individual player development will not interfere with or substitue team practice objectives for game tactics and group strategy, but instead will be a complement that enhances the team environment.

Education: Players try harder and respond better to instruction that gives them the "how" and the "why" they are performing an exercise so the Catalyst trainer will teach the player the importance of what they are doing while explaining the relation to game situations.

Hard Work and Fun: All players have a need for 'fun' and 'hard' soccer training based on their age, level and personality so Catalyst trainers customize their methods to ensure the player is mentally and physically challenged appropriately while still smiling at the end of every session.

Adaptable and Versatile: Many aspects of training and competition are out of one's own control (the coach, ref, weather, field, other players, parents, distractions, etc) so it's crucial to be flexible and have diverse technical, tactical and athletic abilities.



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