We are passionate about enahcing the quality of soccer training and education in the US, and we are happy to provide players, coaches, and trainers with the most positive Catalyst Soccer experience possible.  Our history is action packed with soccer excitement, but the bar is set high for our future as we take the sport in this country to new levels.


Alicia Piz - Catalyst Soccer Training Founder

Elite Certified Personal Soccer Trainer and Director of Development

 Alicia Bio

Since her parents owned an indoor soccer arena it was easy for Alicia to submerse herself in the soccer culture from an early age.  She grew up more like children in foreign countries who constantly have a ball at their feet, love playing soccer every day, and dream of becoming a pro.  Alicia was a dynamic attacking player that had success playing at every level as a state champ, regional champ, national champ, semi-pro player, MVP, co-captain, and D1 scholarship athlete.  Unfortunately, she had 5 knee surgeries between the age of 17-20 then a 6th knee surgery at 22 after her final college season.  Although these injuries - 2 ACL tears, 3 scar tissue removals, 3 meniscus tears, 1 cartilage fracture - limited her ability to develop into an international level athlete, the experience of overcoming the challenges brought to light all the ways that soccer was her 'catalyst' in life.  Alicia started Catalyst Soccer Training when she was 23 years old and vowed it her personal mission to help as many players as possible avoid the pain she had.  Click here to read Alicia's detailed biography for playing, coaching, and education background


Matt Couch - Catalyst Soccer Education Founder

Elite Certified Personal Soccer Trainer and Director of Education

 Couch Bio

Soccer, football, baseball, basketball... you name it and Couch (everyone just calls him by his last name) was good at it, but soccer is where he excelled the most and it was the sport that he was most passion about.  Growing up in Tucson, his family would frequently take vacations to San Diego, so when Couch was offered a scholarship position on the D1 San Diego State University men's team he was ecstatic to live in such an amazing city.  Although Couch played forward his whole life, he was a natural center back when his college coach transitioned him there as a junior.  In those final 2 years, his dominant presence as a strong defender won him several accolades and a chance to play in the MLS.  After experiencing time with the pros he chose to return to SDSU to finish his degree and pursue a teaching career.  Helping kids learn and find success in school was fulfilling, but it didn't fill the void that soccer left.  So for several years he worked alongside Alicia to grow the Catalyst Soccer Center, and he also took the opportunity to play pro again, until 2015 when he chose to leave the school environment to combine his skills as an educator with his love of soccer full time by developing this digital soccer platform.  Click here to read Matt's detailed biography for playing, coaching, and education background