The Catalyst Soccer Training Method


Body Control Before Ball Control ®

Decrease Injuries.  Improve Athleticism.  Progress Skills.

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The Catalyst Soccer Training philosophies and methods have proven to successfully advance thousands of soccer players at every level, age, and position since 2010.  Our highly popular custom training programs have been mastered at the Catalyst Soccer Center in San Diego, CA through more than 22,000 hours of private training sessions.  Every Certified Personal Soccer Trainer develops players using the core Catalyst Soccer philosophy of "Body Control Before Ball Control."  The National Catalyst Alliance governs the education of each trainer and manages the quality control of the services they provide to players.

Developing players using the Catalyst Soccer Training philosophies and methods ensures that functional sport-specific movements are being maximized in order to deter the risk of injury, sharpen athletic abilities, and enhance technical ball skills.  The ball is an extension of the body, so the player must first learn to use their body properly and then proficiency with the ball will come more easily.  If a player does not first have control of their body, they do not have optimal control of the ball, they will not have a fully constructive impact on the game, their individual development will stifle, and their risk of injury will increase.

Players, trainers, and coaches who consistently use the resources in their online Catalyst Soccer Training account as a complement to the team routine will quickly see positive results that have a powerful influence on the overall game.  Become apart of the National Catalyst Alliance today!

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